Thursley House
Luxury home interior design
Extensions, Interiors and New Gym, Guest and Pool Houses for Surrey Country Home


Located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) on the Surrey Hills, the 8-acre site features private lakes, a recently swimming pool, a pool house and a garage. Our project involves the renovation of the pool house with the addition of a cocktail bar and seating area, the garage conversion into a guest house with a private gym, and a bespoke interior design project for the main house.

To achieve this, we will replace the existing roof of the garage with a new roof that would allow for the construction of a mezzanine. In both buildings, excavating works will enhance the quality of the interiors by providing more generous internal heights, as well as a more articulated layout featuring raised and sunken living areas. Strategically placed windows, a new bespoke bar made of exquisite materials and carefully chosen finishes will enhance the experience of inhabiting this country home throughout the year.

Currently at Tender Stage

Services Layout Reconfiguration | Bespoke Interior Design | Side Extensions Design | Technical Design | Facade Renovation | Mezzanine and Staircase Design | Bespoke Design of Cocktail Bar, Gym, Kitchen and Bathrooms | Bespoke Joinery Design | Furniture, Fittings and Equipment (FF&E) Selection 

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