Randolph Road Listed Apartment
Little Venice Renovation and Extension

The property is located in a neoclassical, Grade II-listed building on a prestigious corner of the Maida Vale Conservation Area, near the canals of Little Venice and Warwick Avenue, west London. The brief is to reconfigure and fully renovate those aspects of the original layout and mouldings that have survived to the present whilst adding a contemporary extension to house a new master bathroom and study. 

Its nineteenth-century mouldings and architectural themes are featured in a large number of buildings nearby, which are ‘framed’ by the large windows of the apartment and projected onto its interiors. Our layout reconfiguration and full renovation project seeks to restore and emphasise the original, harmonious continuity between interiors and urban context, while reversing the damages caused by the refurbishments carried out in the 1980s, which harmed the once-legible and classical composition and spatial hierarchy of the original XIX-century project. To that end, we proposed the demolition of all the rooms, partitions and ceiling-mounted storage units added in the past forty years, and the creation of concealed doorways, often in the form of secret doors, whose newly-crafted mouldings reinstate the original architectural repertoire of the property. These new doorways form enfilades and vistas that are in line with those created by the elegant entrance porticos of the surrounding streets, thereby reinstating the visual connection between the apartment’s interiors and urban context. In terms of circulation, this solution – as well as the design of bespoke, ‘walk-through’ furniture – allows for a continuous flow and a more flexible use of space, while maintaining the traditional scale, hierarchy and separation between the rooms. The extension provides additional bathroom and workspace the owners have requested to enhance the master suite.

Currently at Tender Stage

Services Listed Building Consent, Pre-Planning and Planning Applications | Securing Planning Permission from Westminster Council | Technical Design | Layout Reconfiguration | Extension Design | Bespoke Interior Design | Bespoke Joinery and Furniture Design | Bespoke Kitchen Design | Bespoke Bathroom Design | Bespoke Windows and Secret Jib Doors Design | Bespoke Glazing Design | Furniture, Fittings and Equipment Selection 

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