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Belgravia Dental Clinic Design

This external and internal renovation project sought to convert a former office space on the ground floor of a 1960s brick building within the Belgravia Conservation Area into a state-of-the-art dental clinic with a design-led aesthetic.

The design of the new facade and entrance elevates the appearance of the building by removing the elements of ‘clutter’ and disrepair that are so prominent at street level, and by echoing the order and simplicity of the upper floors. The details of the frameless-looking windows and external wall decoration contribute to a design that is of its time, but grounded in continuity, thereby improving the appearance of the facade and streetscape, in line with the high architectural standards of the Belgravia Conservation Area to which the building belongs.

Services Office Conversion into Dental Practice | Layout Reconfiguration and Bespoke Interiors | Planning Permission | Technical Design | Facade Reconfiguration | Signage Design | Bespoke Reception Design | Bespoke Window Design | Bespoke Bathroom Design | Bespoke Surgery Design | Bespoke Joinery Design | Furniture, Fittings and Equipment (FF&E) Selection 


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